NRG code of conduct for advisors and volunteers
Not obviating any resource and opportunity that may seem monumental in expediting the recovery process, NRG’s ethos and behavioral guiding principles for just and moral conduct may seem evident and observable. We exposit them here to reflect without any ambiguity or equivocality whatsoever, construed as expected.

As the intent of forming NRG and enrolling advisors and volunteers is to empathise the pain and agony of all those who incurred financial setbacks in the NSEL crisis, the registered advisors and volunteers along with NRG will support law enforcing authorities, investigating agencies, judiciary, HC committee and other related forums in expediting the recovery process. But importantly, the NRG advisors and volunteers are expected to abide by the code of conduct at every stage.  

Code of conduct for NRG Advisor and Volunteer will include the following

He/she should-
  • Function as a community resource
  • Endorse independence from addictive demeanour
  • Respect the value and dignity of the individual; in other words, he/she must endeavour to meet members and partakers with sensitivity, keeping in mind the factors like individual differences, social and ethnic diversity
  • Conduct with reliability and integrity, consistent with the objectives and purpose of NRG Respect NRG’s commitments
  • Support independence of participants; NRG identifies and encourages the privileges of members to, on a social basis, sovereignty and support them in their labours to recognise their objectives regarding recovery and influencing factors
  • Pursue facts, aptitude and skill; fostering pertinent approach, adeptness and processes
  • Apply ideas in meetings, in self-support setting, boosting knowledge and development in attaining and maintaining individuality and objectivity
  • Realise and fructify the importance of social diversity by keenly understanding and respecting concerns that include colour, age, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, ethnicity, partner/ marital status, religion, physical/mental ability, political views, beliefs, and so on
  • Safeguard secrecy/confidentiality; privacy at any given time is paramount, so are its rights and constituents both in formal and informal settings of meetings, including written, electronic or verbal communication.
  • Not solicit or disclose private facts and information that are not linked to the emphasis of NRG, or that may endanger members or participants or their existence. Any participant or member unwarrantedly exposed to such situation or anomaly is expected to immediately contact the local advisor or volunteer. The local volunteer or advisor should take immediate action and bring the facts to NRG’s notice, and inform the matter to the local agency authorised to take cognizance of the matter legally and constitutionally
  • Avoid situations in which his/her financial or other personal interests or dealings are, or may be in conflict with the objective of NRG. Should not indulge in conflicts of interests; in other words, he/she should not exploit religious, political, personal or business benefits or patronisation of any kind
  • Extend precise representation of NRG within the space and scope of his/her experience.
  • Pursue dedicated and determined solutions in the event of a resource failure viz. morality let-down or fiasco of an advisor or volunteer, co-advisors or volunteers or members should immediately intimate NRG about the glitch or inconsistency, for further course of action
  • Always bear in mind that usage of dignified, respectable and decent verbal and written communication and language is a must and any advisor or volunteer, under no circumstances, should engage in usage of abusive, insulting and defamatory language or expletives in any formal or informal NRG meetings and coteries
While NRG would endeavour to take remedial measures in the event of undesirable situations arising out of violation of the Code of Conduct by any of the advisors or volunteers, NRG disclaims any responsibility or liability of any nature whatsoever for such violation or consequences thereof.