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1. What is NRG and what does it stand for?
  NRG Stands for NSEL Recovery Group. NRG is an initiative by NSEL intended to assist expeditious recovery of money from the defaulters on NSEL.
  NRG has been setup to unite all interest groups, to emphasize its collective attention and resources, on recovery through peaceful and legal means. NSEL Member Brokers and their Trading Clients can join the NRG and it will not be a constraint to their right to be associated with any other forum/s or to pursue legal course of action.
2 What is the Role of NRG?
  NSEL is committed to expedite recovery from the 22 defaulters. Role of NRG will include the following:
To oversee the recovery efforts being made by NSEL 
  • To suggest additional measures for expediting recovery
  • To ensure transparent dissemination of most authenticated information related to NSEL recovery
  • To help and assist the investigation agencies and judicial forum for expeditious recovery of the money
3. What was the purpose to form NRG?
  NRG has been setup to unite all interest groups, to emphasize its collective attention and resources, on recovery through peaceful and legal means.
4. How does NRG work? What are the processes/methods NRG follows for recovery?
  Apart from being a bulletin board to disseminate information to all stake holders in the recovery process, NRG is here to help and assist the investigation agencies and judicial forums for recovery of money expeditiously; particularly the High Court Committee, set up by the Hon’ble Bombay High Court, in fast forwarding their logical conclusions. They are also the constituents of NRG’s method to stimulate recovery process.
5. Who can join NRG?
  NSEL Members and/or their Trading Clients can join NRG.
6. What are the roles one can play, joining NRG?
  One can join NRG as “Member of the Advisory Board” or as “Volunteer”
7. How do I enroll at NRG as member?
  You can enroll at NRG by filling NRG Registration Form or by mailing your Broker Code and Client Code (with broker) and the Amount Due, at
8. What are the broad activities expected from NRG Advisor?
  The Advisor will strengthen the recovery team in reaching out to competent authorities; enabling officials in overseeing investigating agencies, and entrench substantial support for expediting recovery
  • He/she who is resourceful in encompassing and presenting NRG’s objectives in a variety of public, political and governing settings, and accomplish the process with necessary judgment and rationality, will be a strong suit. All-round access to all the prominent avenues will be a predominant and distinguishing feature of this role
  • One who undertakes responsibilities and leverages sources to gather information from defaulters; exercise influentially when required and enable governing officials to administrate investigating agencies for fast-paced recovery, will be a perfect fit
9. What are the broad activities expected from NRG Volunteer?
  The person acting exclusively as volunteer of NRG will make the process comprehensive working as a frontrunner, gathering first-hand information that will leave no leeway for the defaulters to play truant or evade legal process, enforcement, summons and admonishments from the law enforcing authorities and judiciary, as the information provided by them will serve as panacea to implicate the defaulters in the process of recovery
  • NRG Volunteer will play a crucial role in coordinating with bankers, assisting in complying with HCC directions, meeting all key competitors of defaulters, accompanying asset tracing agencies, assisting in title search, supporting external agencies and meeting legal counsels and a lot more
10. Have assets and properties of the defaulting members been attached or seized?
  • EOW has reportedly seized assets of 22 Defaulters worth around Rs. 5,000 crore
  • Defaulters have admitted to liabilities of approximately Rs. 2,000 crore through settlement agreements or otherwise before the Bombay High Court, and Authorities & concerned Departments/ forums and/or the EOW
  • Out of the original 24 Defaulters, 2 defaulters owing a total of Rs. 196 crore have almost cleared their dues
  • ED has attached multiple assets of Defaulters worth over Rs. 200 crore under PMLA. This Act is expected be amended so that the proceeds of liquidation are paid directly to the trading clients instead of going to the Public Exchequer
11. How much money has been recovered?
  NSEL has recovered and paid Rs. 542.99 crore to trading clients, including a without-prejudice loan worth Rs. 179 crore taken from FTIL to clear up to 50% settlement liability of 7,000 trading clients.
12. What is the latest Recovery Status?
  • NSEL has received payment through RTGS of Rs. 4 crore from Yathuri Associates on Jan. 01, 2015
  • NSEL Recovery team is following up with SAIL for selling of Ferrochrome. SAIL has given proposal for Ferrochrome
  • HC Committee’s next meeting has been scheduled for 9th May, 2015, to review recovery of funds from defaulting members